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My goal: To pay down my mortgage

September 8, 2012
When I bought this house, it was a joint decision with my ex-wife. We based our decision to buy it on both incomes. Now that she's gone, I am in the process of refinancing it to get her off the mortgage and deed. With any kind of luck, my refinance should be complete within 3-4 weeks. Yesterday I got some good news. My house was appraised for a little more than I needed to get the new mortgage and some extra money to finish the remodeling we started prior to her leaving. I plan to continue and complete the renovations as soon as possible.

My goal is to get my mortgage first, and also sell as many of the things I have accumulated over the years to help reduce the principal on my mortgage. Every cent I make from this site will go directly to paying the principal.

September 6, 2012
A few weeks ago I got a phone call from my attorney's office. The wicked *itch of the West (West Allentown that is), decided to take me to court for contempt. After over a year of my house being on the market, it hasn't sold yet. And then to be very honest, I did procrastinate a little bit more than I should have in getting my mortgage in my own name. Between the mortgage fees for my attorney and her attorney (yes, I had to agree to reimburse her $250 for her attorney's fees) she will cost me well over an additional $1000 until it's all over. She could have found a much cheaper way to present her ultimatum, like sending me an email or certified letter. Anyway, I immediately went to my bank and applied for my mortgage. My attorney was able to get me a six week continuance to get the mortgage in my own name. Today I got the first good news. The house was appraised for more than my pay-off and will give me enough extra money to finish some of the home improvements she so forcefully insisted we start just months before she left to live with her partner. In fact, she was the first one to start the demolition. So, to move on, I am waiting for the bank's underwriters to approve the mortgage. If everything goes right, My mortgage and deed will be in my name only within the next 3-4 weeks.

To make up the extra $1000 or so she and her partner are costing me, I will be listing many of the items she left in my garage when she cleaned out what she wanted. Stay tuned for some neat things coming up soon. Some old things, some newer things, but in all cases - things she decided not to take along (many months after she left, and only after I practically begged her to clean out the garage). She left in October 2007 and selected what she wanted from the garage around Easter 2008.

February 1, 2011
Today I got a letter from the ex's attorney. I will have to appear in court on March 2nd so they can force me to sell my house. In an email about 2 weeks ago I asked her for a few extra months to find a job after my unemployment runs out in about a month. When I filed with my bank for a mortgage about a year ago for the mortgage to be in my own name only, they told me that I will need 3 months of full time employment before they would give me the mortgage. Since I can't find a job that pays more than my current unemployment, it would be financially unfeasible for me to take a job before the unemployment runs out.

Here's how you can help...

If you find anything on my web site you are interested in, please make an offer. It can be a trade for something you no longer want or need. It can be a monetary offer.

Click here to view the what's in my yard sale

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This is my home.

Please take the time to look at some of the items I have listed on this site. Everything is either for sale or trade. I am not putting any prices or values on anything. I'm asking for "generous offers". That is to say I am hoping to get more than the actual value on most of the things I am listing.

Unfortunately, my only payment options are USPS Postal Money Orders, International Postal Money Orders (upon approval), and cash.

It's important that you contact me before trying to make any payment. Things to consider are shipping, but more important - if I might have already bartered/sold the item you are interested in.


If I don't have anything you want to trade for, or buy, that's OK. Please tell or email as many people as you can who you think might be able to help. Anything you can do to help me attain my goal would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not asking anyone to trade for or donate something like a new car (although I wouldn't turn down such an offer). I'm asking for any help you can offer.



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